Jillian M.

There is always questions on why I like blogging and this article will provide the perfect answers to the question.

The sum of life as a blogger is always having busy schedules, sacrificing the time that could be used for sleep or watching Netflix and focusing on writing blog articles and a lot more. Doing any job with respect to blogging is not easy. On the other hand, blogging full time requires commitment and dedication.

I’m a better writer

Being a blogger, I write different blog articles in a day. When I look back at my old projects, I smile because my writing has really improved.

a place to vent

One of the reasons why I like blogging is that I need space to vent. Let’s forget the profit and other financial benefit blogging offers, I like it because I can always have a place to express what I have been dealing with and what I am presently dealing with.

Blogging spurs creativity

I never see myself as someone who is creative by nature. Oddly enough, blogging is an eye-opener because it forces me to be more creative. In short, it allows me to turn blank pages into content that thousands of people are willing to read every day.

Helping other people

If there is any one thing I love most about being a blogger is helping others through my writing. People send messages and emails to thank me for writing on specific topics and starting up different blog discussions. The primary goal of every blog post I write is to help my readers.

Learning new stuff

Writing blog articles almost always requires some research. Consequently, I am constantly learning. I am more aware of the world around me and I am more craftier with many DIY projects.

Generate Income

I leave this reason for last because too many people start blogging with income being their primary goal. I tell people this should be your last goal. Express yourself, be creative, write excellent articles and help others. Those should be your goals.