dana s.

Sit back and enjoy another latte. You will find me nestled in the corner of the local coffee shop with my feet up and my laptop open. Stress is not a part of this formula.

Why I Like to Blog...

Growing up, I took on so many hobbies ranging from tennis, to video games, and finally fell in love with the arts. However, nothing intrigued me or got my full attention as much as blogging. It has transformed my life and even how I live. Blogging is more than a hobby to me, and I do not waste time in recommending it to others. At first, I began blogging and writing blog articles as a means of keeping a journal. However, it all changed along the line as my blog articles became less about me simply writing a story and more about the story transforming me and all I do.


Nevertheless, you will always find articles and blog discussions about why you should pick up blogging as a means to grow your business or to become a professional or practically to make lots of money.
But, the most ideal recommendation on why you should pick up blogging as I did still revolve around the personal realization that blogging transforms you as a writer. At least, it transformed me.

Reasons to Start Blogging


Makes you a better writer

Basically, writing is simply communication. It centers around documenting your thoughts on paper and also compelling people to agree with such thoughts. With this, you should note that writing improves with constant practice.
While blogging will not actually force you to be a much better writer, it will simply happen as you continually write your blogging articles.
It is vital to be a better writer as it will hold lots of benefits in your life whether you are writing a book, resume, anniversary card, or even a presentation.

Become a better thinker

Since the writing process involves documenting thoughts on paper, the blogging process also motivates you actually to stop and think things deeper.
In times when you put up a blogging discussion, it will make you delve into serious matters and note how others think as well. However, so many people will quit at this point with the excuse that they have nothing else to say on the blog.

Your life will be more intentional

The minute you decide to input your life details in your blog articles, you will start thinking much more intentionally about who you really are, who you are gradually becoming and if you love what you see or not. This might as well be enough reason to begin blogging.

Promotes healthier life habits

The whole blogging process requires devotion, commitment, discipline, and time. These are all good life habits, and they will aid in helping you go through the rest of your days as well as life in general.

“I love to express myself and show the world that it is okay to relax.”

“I believe myself that a good writer doesn’t really need to be told anything except to keep at it.” Chinua Achebe